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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Article 1

Application of the Terms & Conditions of Sale

Opposability of the Terms & Conditions of Sale

It concerns an online sales contract of high-quality products on the website of LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE. The present Terms & Conditions of Sale rule the contractual relations between the company LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE and the customer, both parties agree unconditionaly to these Terms & Conditions of Sale, entirely accepted by the customer and applicable to any order placed on the site and will prevail over all other therms of sale.


Article 2

Identification of the parties

The sales contract is concluded between LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE, Périgord and Gastronomy (Le Port, 24220 VEZAC) named the Seller on one hand, and the Consumer, a natural person acting besides her of his professional activity, named the Customer on the other hand,


Article 3

Applicable law

The present contract is subjected to the french law, more particularly to the regulations of mail orders (articles L 121-16 to L 121-20 of the Consumption law) integrating the directive 97/7 IT of May 20, 1997 relative to the protection of the consumers in case of an online contract.


Article 4

 Law on Computers, files and personal freedom

The private information collected for the purpose of the mail order is required, this information is essential for the processing and delivery of the order as well as the issuing of the invoices. The absence of this information leads to the non validity of the order. The customer gives is consent to use the personal data collected at the end of the present order for the customer base of LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE. According to the law N° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the processing of this personnal information was the object of a declaration to the National Comittee of the Computing and the Liberties (CNIL). The consumer has at any time a right of access and rectification which he can exercice to LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE.


Article 5

Validity of the offer and period of validity

The offers on the website are valid during their online presence

Territorial area

The geographical covered zone of the offer and the delivery is France, FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY (DOM TOM) and the countries of the European Union, however the costs of delivery are not the same. For delivery to countries other than France, FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY (DOM TOM) or the European Union, the customer will have to contact LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE, since some specific countries apply particular measures and custom regulations of because of agreements of commercial representation in some specific geographical zones.


Article 6

Acceptance of the offer

The Customer will receive an e-mail with a summary of the order.


Article 7

General Obligations of the parties


7-1  Obligations of LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE

The systems of automatic recording of LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE are considered as being worth proof of the nature of the sale and its date. LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE makes a commitment, after confirmation of the order and the validation of the payment according to article 8 an 9 "Price" and "Payment" of the present Terms & Conditions of Sale, to sell and to deliver the products ordered by the indicated addressee during the working hours (from Monday to Friday),


-within 48 hours in Metropolitan France if the order has been placed before Thursday 16 hours (4 P.M.),

-within 48 hours in the European Union if the order has been placed before Wednesday 16 hours (4 P.M.).


All orders placed at the end of the week to LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE will be prepared for expedition from next Monday. For all orders to FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY (DOM TOM) and abroad of the European Union, the methods of dispatch and/or the customs regulations being variable, please contact LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE for more information about the delivery date.


7-2  Obligations of the Customer

By placing an order, you agree to accept delivery of the ordered products and to pay the price as well as the delivery costs of the products and the customs duty, value-added tax or any other taxes connected to the import of products in the country of delivery and more generally, to respect the present Terms & Conditions of Sale and the laws which are opposable to you in your country of residence or, if delievered to another country, the one to which the parcel has to be delivered. LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE guarentees that the products were the object of the necessary care in order to assure their conformity with their description on the website. The customer however will be responsable for the preservation and for the use of the products as from their delivery. The Customer has to take care not to consume products beyond the best-before date mentioned on the label. The Customer can not resell any of thes products (Except for the fresh truffle, sold by restaurant owners, it is most preferable to contact us by phone). Except for the truffle the ordered products are exclusively intended for its personal consumption or for the personal consumption of the adressee of the products. In this case, the customer guarentees the acceptance of the present Terms & Conditions of Sale by the adressee of the parcel. LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE  makes a commitment to inform the addressee of the planned delivery. The customer will be responsible for any damage which LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE could suffer, directly of indirectly, because of the non compliance by you or by the person who accepts delivery of the products of the obligations put at your expense in conformance with the present Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Article 8



France and the European Union

The prices indicated online are in Euro, inclusive of VAT when delivered in France and the European Union, exclusive of expedition and delivery costs.


Outside the European Union

The expedition and delivery costs have to be added to the price of the products. The invoice will be exclusive of taxes and rights and it is the carrier who will be in charge of the required formalities. Eventuel customs duties or other import taxes must be borne by the addressee of the parcel. It is advisable to contact LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE for more information. LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE reserves the right to modify the indicated prices in case of exceptional events independent beyond their control.


Article 9


The totality of the purchased products must be paid before delivery. The payment of the purchased products is made on-line by bank card (Secured payment) either by phone or e-mail.


Article 10


All products are sold subject to availability. In case of unavailability of products after the confirmation of your order we will inform you by e-mail or by phone within 24 hours (working day). You can then ask for the cancellation of your order or the exchange of one or several concerned products.


Article 11

Processing of the order

LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE will deliver the ordered products after the on-line payment only when the bank of the customer confirmed agreement on the payment through the bank card center of by phone (or by check) to LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE. In case of refusal of the bank or non reception of any other way of  payment, the order will automatically be cancelled and the customer will be informed. For bank checks, the order will be validated only after cashing the check. LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom would exist an ongoing dispute.


Article 12

LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE chooses the way of shipment and delivery. Delivery will be made to the address indicated by the customer who is committed to inform LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE an address where the parcel can be delivered during working hours (from Monday to Friday). In case of absence, a notice will be left to the addressee in order to agreewith the carrier of a second passage. LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE can by no means be held responsible for the possible degradation of the products due to the late reception of parcel in case of absence of the customer or the person authorized to receive the parcel. The transport of the goods is at risk of the addressee, you have to verify the parcel at reception in presence of the carrier.


Article 13


Products deliverd by LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE were carefully packed before expedition to assure the perfect preservation of the products. In case of delivering an apparently damaged parcel, you have to state the problem upon delivery and you have to register the problem immediately on the delivery note of the delivery driver or on the special form for that purpose; if the products inside are damaged, you immediately have to formulate any reserve in writing to the carrier at the latest within 24 hours. The reserves must be precise and detailed. A copy of this document will simultaneously have to be sent to LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE by post or e-mail together with the transport document. In case of missing goods, the customer will also have to inform LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE within 24 hours from the moment of reception of the parcel. After checking and investigating within its services, LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE is committed to replace the missing goods. This is why we strongly request the customer to verify the parcel upon reception, if possible in presence of the delivery driver.


Article 14

Period of withdraval

According to the terms of the article  L121-16 of the Code of Consumption, the customer has  7 days as from the delivery to return the parcel in his orginal packing, unopened and with the intact seals and in a perfect state, in order to obtain replacement or refund of a product. The expenses of returning the parcel are payable by the customer.


Article 15


LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE guarantees that the delivered products are in accordance with the applicable law and that they were the object of the most attentive care before packaging and expedition. If you are not entirely satisfied, LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE  will proceed to the refund of one or several products in case of alteration of the quality of these products. Therefore the customer has to return the parcel immediately to LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE for verification. However, LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE can not guarantee that the products meet the personal taste expectations of the person who will consume them. Canned products must be stored in a cool and dry place, the perishable products or partially preserved food must be put in the refrigerator between 0°C and +4°C immediately upon reception. After expiration of the best-before date, no return or replacement will be accepted. On the website, LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE presents a selection of their products. Products may differ from the photographs on the website.


Article 16

Any dispute as for the validity, the interpretation or the execution of the present contract falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the competence of the place of residence of LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE. However LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE has the right to seize any other competent jurisdiction. Our customer service is at your disposal to settle at best any dispute which could occur. You can contact LA TRUFFE SARLADAISE by phone, fax or e-mail. The processing of complaints will be taken care of as fast as possible, within max. 15 working days as from date of reception of the complaint.

Tél: +33 (0)5 53 29 51 87

Mobile: + 33 (0)6 79 58 80 08

Fax: + 33 (0)5 53 28 58 76


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Products may differ from photographs on our website.